2020 Plan

We have demonstrated our commitment to environmentally responsible operations by reducing our impact on the environment in multiple areas of our global business. Sustainable operations are a wise investment, improving efficiency and creating value.

Amgen's 2020 Environmental Sustainability Plan

Amgen's 2020 Environmental Sustainability Plan, our second plan since 2008, covers the full scope of our business, allowing us to gain a better understanding of our overall environmental impact and integrate sustainability into our products and processes. The plan is focused on driving sustainable practices in the areas of research, development and manufacturing; transportation and distribution; commercial operations; sourcing; and products and packaging. As part of our plan, we are committed to achieving specifictargets.

安进的环境可持续性的表现n alignment with this plan is governed through facility- and corporate-level management reviews. For many years, a key component of Amgen’s corporate-level governance of environmental sustainability was the Sustainability Council. The Council, which included representation by leaders from a wide cross section of company functions, provided guidance on the implementation of our environmental sustainability plan. In early 2019, we evolved our approach, and now environmental sustainability is governed by a Corporate Responsibility and Reputation Council. This council, chaired by the senior vice president of Corporate Affairs, is designed to ensure that executive management continues to be informed and involved in the implementation of environmental sustainability as well as other topics within corporate responsibility. Our executive leadership reports our environmental sustainability progress to the Corporate Responsibility and Compliance Committee (CRCC) of our board of directors. The CRCC assists the board in overseeing Amgen’s activities in the areas of corporate responsibility and compliance. For more information on Amgen’s corporate governance and the board of directors, visit the领导section of our website.

Transparency and Engagement

In identifying key environmental aspects, we’ve weighed many factors, such as our impact on the environment, the potential effects of climate change, and benefits to our business through greater operational efficiencies and cost savings. Our reporting reflects these key environmental aspects that we are addressing through our 2020 plan. Our focus is in alignment with key international frameworks, including CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), specifically, SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

To ensure that our environmental sustainability strategies and communications remain relevant and aligned with stakeholder expectations, we engaged with those stakeholders in 2017 to gather updated perspectives to facilitate continuous improvement of our responsibility strategies and communication.

Amgen participates with academic and industry leaders to gain knowledge and share best practices for making the research, development, and manufacture of our medicines more environmentally sustainable. We belong to the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute's Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical roundtables, participate in the Pharmaceutical Environmental Group (a peer-based group that shares best practices for environmental sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry), and engage in a number of industry initiatives to promote moresustainable processesfor research and development and manufacturing.